Dining Table King is a locally owned and operated woodworking shop based right outside the capital of Boise, Idaho.

We are working hard to build heirloom pieces that are both timeless in design but generational in their craftsmanship. And congratulations, you found the right shop to make your dining table! 

We work with all hardwood materials so that it will last and stand the test of time. From domestic hardwoods like walnut or maple to imported hardwoods like purple heart and teak, you can guarantee your table will be built with ethically sourced materials as well as natural resources. 

Many of our tables have metal in the design and used for the table bases. We source and create all of our won metal work under the same roof as the wood shop. This gives you the best marriage of efficiency and a unique piece that you will be delighted to use and see in your home. 

James, the owner, started in woodworking during high school wood shop class and has been taking classes at the college level and from woodworking schools around the country to continue his craft of building pieces that are timeless and going to last generations. His desire for woodworking grew as more tools were added to the shop floor. As time went on, the shop grew in customers but also in employees and fellow craftsmen. 

What started as a small garage business bootstrapping the work and the business together has now turned into a state of the art business and facility that ships pieces into every state each month. 

His work has been published in magazines and his paths crossed some of the most prominent people in the country, desiring to own a piece that has been built with care and timeless traditions to last. 

For over 10 years now, Dining Table King has been designing and building pieces that are both a joy to use but that will also get better with time. It is our mission to build pieces that your grandchildren would be proud to own. 

In our downtime you can find us in our local community serving and adding value where we can, either teaching a class out at the wood shop or helping out in our local churches and schools. 

We think building quality furniture that will last does not need to be a nod to a bygone era but can be achieved in todays modern commerce with diligence and the best customer service during each interaction. 

Functionality and design need to cross paths for a dining table that will not only last a long time but also age well. You can often hear them saying they’re on a war against bad furniture. We get our inspiration for our work from places but notably mostly our customers! The customers are what fuel us as we hear the stories of the paths our customers took to considering a dining table built well that will age with time to become a timeless piece. 

Thank You!

Thank you for considering buying from a US born and raised company! We will make sure your piece gets our full attention in a timely and efficient manner.