When it comes to getting your beautifully crafted table to your home, there are a few options for delivery. 

Our preferred method is what we call white glove service. 

We source a team of drivers that travel the country picking up materials and delivering custom projects for our shop as well as other makers from around the country. Think of uber but for custom built furniture that gets delivered just to you! 

We pack up your dining table with moving blankets and special packing materials to keep your table traveling safely as it reaches your destination. Once we bring a driver to our shop, we get them all the special delivery instructions and then they package up the table and are on their way. 

The driver will notify you of their trip plans and an approximate arrival date and time. They will also be able to bring the piece of furniture inside your home and even do some minor set up. This guarantees a seamless transfer to you and we can rest assured knowing your table will make it to you, both on time and without any scratches! 

Some homes can be a bit tough to get a large single dining table inside or around stairs. If you feel this is the case, just reach out and we can hop on a quick Face-Time call to review some of those needs before determining best shipping methods. 

If your piece is larger in scope or nature we will make sure to discuss shipping needs or options before shipping your table out. 

So, why do we call this option white glove? 

Over the years we have shipped all shapes and sizes all over the country and some pieces out of the United States. We began seeing shipping companies take a dive in both their care for our carefully packaged furniture pieces and their negligence on customer service when things went wrong. So we began talking with other furniture makers around the country to see that this was an actual issue not just with our shop. We heard of crowdsourcing deliveries and using shipping companies to drop off larger pieces of furniture we were making. 

We found a great option with hiring individual drivers that specialize in carefully delivering valuables of all shapes and sizes for other shops, here on the west coast and even out east. 

This option usually pans out to be a cheaper option as we find that we don’t need to build a custom crate to try and prevent damage in a larger shipping chain operation like Fedex or Amazon.