Getting your dining table built by us will be a unique process, if we’re doing our job right!

Ever buy anything online only to never hear from the company? They just ship your item to you? Well, from beginning to end, we want to change the way the online buying game goes.
We will be with you every step of the way. We want to do our best to become a part of your story in choosing a dining table built by a local company instead of some big box store.

custom dining table

Each piece you see here on our website is built to order.

We ship our tables all over the USA and want to make sure we keep costs down where we can. This allows us to make a dining table that we know for sure will be uniquely yours.

While we have our listed sizes and wood options in the site, there are many components you easily customize with little and sometimes zero additional costs.
If you want to add a couple inches in width or depth, usually not a problem!

We first start with picking out the best and locally sourced hardwoods for your dining table.
A lot of wood today is full of knots and voids which make for a less desirable table top. Also, knots and voids can make a piece less durable with use and time.

Our guys are familiar with hand selecting the right boards to ensure we get the best materials into your dining table build. What a silly step to cut a corner on!

If metal is involved, we get those tools loaded up and start cutting! A trip to the metal yard up the road from us is always fun. Alway gets our creative juices flowing!

Then, we take your project to the shop floor! We milk each board here in our facility and hand select each board all along the way. We then get through all the joinery and necessary components in your dining table.
During this process we will make sure to keep you in the loop. We do this by sending over photos and video of your build.

It’s our aim to have this piece be yours and the more involved you get in the process, the better that will assist us in making sure this process is an enjoyable journey!

Once everything is glued up and sanded to the right specifications we then take your dining table through what we call the finishing process.
This is where the wood really comes to life. Whether it be powder coated metal or hand rubbed finish, your dining table is sure to be a conversation piece each time your friends and family see it.

custom dining tables
rustic modern dining table

We use only 0% voc finishes and stains with a natural  hand rubbed process so that your table has a natural finish that you’ll enjoy for years to come. You’ll catch yourself always running your hands over the edges each time you walk by.

Seriously, our finishing process makes your table feel like skin.

The finish we use is incredibly easy to fix/spot repair if any issues come up.

Then we arrange for all necessary shipping details. The journey on our end is almost over as we begin to say goodbye to your dining table and give it its intended new life in your home or space.

We offer shipping services from white glove setup to freight delivery. We will cover this step once we receive your order in our shop.

Thank you for considering our family owned and operated business to build you your dining table!

We aren’t the cheapest option available compared to a big box chain store but we can guarantee your table will be built better and will age better with time.